Integrating Gallery the Right Way

February 21st, 2006

I’ve been using Gallery to power my online photo albums for a few years now, and just found out that there was a security advisory for 1.5 and all prior versions. In the processes of upgrading to the latest patch level, I found mention of the
html_wrap directory in my gallery install which lets me easily customize the sides, header or footer that envelopes my gallery install. Using this should make future upgrades seamlessly easy, at least compared to my hacks at modifying the source files directly and running diff on them all! Simply rename any of the files to remove the .default extension then just edit to your liking! I added these notes to my wiki on the proper way to integrate gallery with the rest of my website theme.

Closing the “Analog Hole”

February 20th, 2006

If you ever need a reminder that “freedom” requires eternal viligence, and that you have to fight just to “keep” your rights… look no further than legislation introduced to close the “Analog Hole“. The MPAA is at it again and wants to mandate DRM (digital rights management) into all audio/video products, legally making it quite impossible to make a copy of that song or video you enjoy playing or encoding it to a different format. This all goes back to Lessig’s “Free Culture” presentation from 2002!

That’s why you should support vendors, like Neuros Technology, that support your Digital Rights Freedom.

Two Birthdays, Two Great Restaurants

February 20th, 2006

Two of my friends recently celebrated their birthdays, Jane on Feb. 16th and Ed on Feb. 20th. For Jane’s suprise dinner we visited **Sapporo’s Japanese Steakhouse** in Monterey on the municipal warf. This is one of those Japanese steakhouses that not only serves great food, but entertains you as it is prepared before your eyes on the grill! The also had sushi orders and I tried a “pineapple boat” desert which was impressive and tasted great.

For Ed’s dinner, he definitely wanted some steak so we went decided to check out AJ Spurs in Marina after Monterey Joe’s was unable to confirm my reservations (they were in fact closed). I had seen advertisements for Monterey Joe’s but never heard any reviews, then I had never of AJ Spurs but people started saying how great it was. Apparently the lesson here is: if the don’t advertise, perhaps they don’t need to and just let their food and word of mouth speak for itself! I ordered the top sirloin with grilled calamari for $24,99, and then found out what all is included in the meal: a house soup and bbq beans, cesar salad, galric bread, and a root beer or liquor for desert! Definitely a great dinner at a great value. I would highly recommend both of these restaurants.