Toorcon anyone?

Since I’m starting orientation at a new school on Sept. 19th and have not even been to a con this calendar year (21C3 was just before new years) I thought I’d check out Toorcon (Sept. 16-18th) for the first time. My major incentive to go was that my main hacker-con buddy of mine was going… but then she bailed out (something about a new job – how lame is that? -j/k).

So, anyone want to join me in beautiful San Diego? Allow me to assist the decision making process for you:

  1. Cheap Flights on (and kayak too)
  2. Cheap Stay at Downtown San Diego or USA hostels just blocks from the con!
  3. Great Lineup of speakers including Dan Kaminsky (whose presentations always rock) so you’re sure to enjoy!
  4. It’s in S a n   D i e g o

Check it out and register now online by the 7th for only $70! (and a free T-shirt!) Drop me a line if you plan to be out there!

2 Responses to “Toorcon anyone?”

  1. otinia Says:

    Ohhhhh…. 🙁

    Next time I will go to the con, I promise!!$#! I really do want to go 🙁 *sniff*

    You know the rule: take loads of pics!!

  2. Otinia Says:

    It’s totally time for a toorcon/school adventures post!!!!

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