Gmail invites – not for “Anyone”

In January and possibly even up to April of this year, I was sending out my google gmail invites out to friends via the Mailinator
service. Mailinator acts like an anonymous drop box, its a place to direct emails that you expect to receive instantly (like from web-registration pages) that you can “pickup” on the website, and keep your own personal inbox clean.

I’ve just tried this test again, and now google gmail is blocking invites to (and related) addresses. I was able to send an email directly to the same account from within gmail though, so apparently they are only worried about the invite process. The reverse psychology (that entices us, along with the cool technology) and tragedy of google’s “invite only” system appears be of significant importance to them.

Big Brother Google is watching you…, see the 21C3 presentation (german) (babel de-en, google de_en)

Google controls more and more of the information we (out of our free will) access every day. With a new google single sign-on account, you now access google services who controls how you search the net, search local information, map out directions, shop online, read the news, send email, send sms, send im and chat online, write your blog, socialize with other people, etc (more) and all of these words transmitted are subject to targetted advertising (including your email). Google basically owns the Net – the Information Sphere in which modern society exists.

The GoogleOS has surpassed Microsoft’s plans for world domination of the operating system, software, game console, MSNBC, computer hardware, television, email and other markets (just now getting more into online maps, etc). The world now runs off of the Internet and web services are the tools.

Do you love Big Brother? (btw- I just finally read 1984 this summer, and I need to learn German)

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