Birth of Google and.. I need a Thesis!

July 28th, 2005

I just read the quick article on the Birth of Google and am impressed! Yahoo and Google, both born out of Stanford and I assume both the result of some curious research projects – now both the most popular search engines and synonymous keywords of “the Internet”. The power of ideas and tools to change the world continues to suprise me, especially in this age of “the net”. I really need to come up with something truly exciting for my research thesis in grad school!

Even though I didn’t go to Stanford or UM like some brilliant people I know, I think that I still have the potential to contribute something worthwhile and notable… but I’m just looking for my niche, and to buildup the tools necessary to excel within that niche. Looking back and trying to remember (with difficulty at times) all the great interesting computer science I learned in my years of undergrad, I think somehow I could have done more work to solidify it deeper into my brain. My mind was in a thousand different directions all the time though, picking up a piece of many different interesting things along the way, but perhaps not holding on hard enough to some of the things I’ll need to use later on… even if I didn’t need to use them then. This upcoming school year is going to be an intense one and I’m looking forward to it… as well as to processing, internalizing, applying and in a way recording all the valuable things I learn. Look out world, Brian’s getting ready to do something big!

DC United 1 – Chelsea 2

July 28th, 2005

Just got back this evening from my first MLS game, and it was actually with last seasons champions DC United vs. Chelsea – last years champions of the English premier. DC united got the first goal in the 31st minute, matched shortly thereafter by a goal from Chelsea. Chelsea kept the pace up, with the only goal in the 2nd half for a 1-2 final score I don’t really follow sports, but I do enjoy soccer/football – and this was a great game to see… even though my roomate Mark and I had to pay $30, $35, $45, $65 just for tickets! I did get to meetup with my good friend Eric at the game though, and we made some plans for camping out this weekend. (will have some pics soon)

More plugins

July 25th, 2005

I’ve just installed the UTW2 plugin which I saw in use on dan cameron’s site, along with quicktag for html code for those writing comments. I grabbed a shoutbox that is ajax powered (very cool) and now I’m looking at a spell checker. Yee-ha! this is neat stuff.

Some things I’d still like to integrate into my site/blog are: wordpress/gallery integration, random image (that looks good) from gallery, quote of the day, captcha, stats, change the random images in my theme, theme switcher…

Testing WP Themes

July 20th, 2005

I’m currently enjoying the Random Image theme for WP 1.5 (seen on though I’ll probably change the images out sometime. Has anyone else done this yet?

One photo software trick I’ve been looking for, is a good way to create an outline box of a certain size (or scaled) then navigate it over a large image to find the section to crop. Then the cropped image always has the dimensions you want! Why is this so hard – I imagine there must be a FOSS tool for it.

July 4th Fireworks in DC

July 19th, 2005

I’ve finally uploaded my pictures from the 4th of July. Some friends and I spent that afternoon and evening out in Washington D.C. for the national fireworks display. We laid out a spot on the grass next to the Lincoln Memorial around the middle of the afternoon, without any shade on a hot day… yet I managed to get some reading done. When evening fell though, it cooled off and we had one of the best seats in the house for the fireworks! I will try to upload some videos I made with my camera online soon!